Welcome To The New Modern Blacktop

PlaygroundIO is a new kind of fitness and activity platform built from the ground up for children between the ages of 5 and 12.  The blacktop is now a smart mat we have been designing for over a year with the help of doctors, therapists, teachers, and engineers. The game is being taught with our dedicated team of instructors and a wide variety of classes designed by children specialists and fitness gurus.  We make reimagining children fitness in an easy, affordable, and fun way.

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30 minutes on the treadmill boosts problem solving by up to 10%


Exercise between the ages of 11-18 inceases bone desity, pariculary in the spine and hip.


Every 15 mins of exercise improves academic performance by an average of about a quarter of a grade.


Raised heart rate to 100+ bpm 30 minutes, 3-4x per week= 5-10% improvement in aerobic fitness in 8-12 weeks.


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Classes start whenever you decide

Parents and children daily schedules are busier than ever with competing priorities.  We are providing a solution for children that work around the family's schedule.

Try new classes and styles

Children need a wide variety of physical activity to grow and prosper.  Classes are provided in different categories and levels by industry professionals to keep children engaged and active.

Personalizing the experience

Children fitness needs to be fun and engaging.  Our integrated smart-mat will provide the child real-time engagement during classes, and grow alongside the child.

Be part of a new community

We are creating a dedicated community for children to participate with friends, motivate, and root for, while keeping privacy at the forefront.


A New Type of Playground For Kids

Our approach to children's wellness at PlayGroundIO is our differentiator. Using the latest technology to design our proprietary smart mat,  developing the best content guided  by doctors and fitness experts, and hiring the best instructors to deliver a wide variety of classes, you can be assured your child will engaged and motivated day after day.